Avant Garde Ideals Warn That Businesses Must Take Action Against Skills Shortage

The economic recovery has provided a lifeline for many businesses, however as business improves the demand for skilled staff rises and supply is limited. Avant Garde Ideals warns businesses to take action now to avoid a shortage of skills.

The state of the UK economy has made many business owners optimistic about their future growth of their enterprises. However with growth and expansion comes the need for larger workforces, and with many businesses currently forecasting increased productivity there’s a worry that the supply of skilled individuals may very soon dry up.

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Despite UK unemployment levels falling to 6.6% a recent study found that 27% of entry level positions currently remain unfilled as companies struggle to find individuals with the necessary skills they are looking for. The study also found that the issue surrounding skilled workers is not just effecting the UK, The issue is far more wide spread as many businesses across Europe are also feeling the strain.

Many industry professionals feel the problem lies in a ‘mismatch’ between the skills young people are gaining in education and the skills employers are actively looking for, with a reported 66% of teachers feeling helpless and unhappy with their students future employment prospects. Many are calling for a more clear alignment between education boards and employers to give school leavers the best possible chance of finding fulfilling employment, yet a growing number of businesses are realising that the solution to the shortage is now in their hands.

Avant Garde Ideals are one such business, providing opportunities to many young entrepreneurial minded individuals across the Manchester region. The sales and marketing firm dedicate a vast bank of resources to locating fresh talent for their business. Avant Garde work with young motivated individuals as part of their training and development programme which provides young people and graduates with the appropriate skills and encourages them to consider the benefits of working within the industry.

Avant Garde Ideals unique approach not only provides young people with a steady career path, it allows the opportunity for them to travel across the country and gives them the means develop their understanding to improve their long term career prospects.

Many UK based businesses are put off training young people due to the high cost associated with training and development. Individuals fresh out of education often view their first job as a stepping stone and businesses are often reluctant to take the risk of investing in someone who is likely to move on fairly quickly. Avant Garde Ideals think businesses with this mind set should revaluate their business strategies. By looking at training as an investment and providing individuals with enough progression opportunities people are far more likely to stay loyal and get more involved with a company.

In order to tackle the possible skill shortage faced by the UK, Avant Garde Ideals are urging other businesses to follow their suit and seriously consider the positives of training and developing young people. With workplace skills not currently being seen as a priority among education boards, Avant Garde Ideals suggest that now is the time for businesses to step up and help prepare young people for roles in the business sector. 

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