Avant Garde Ideals Support ‘London of the North’ Proposal

Avant Garde Ideals support the Northern Gateway proposal, which could see several northern cities become the 'London of the North' to help counterbalance the dominant economic power of the South.

It's commonly accepted that the south of England is currently far surpassing the north in terms of business development and overall market dominance. Studies have shown that cities do better economically where countries have more devolved local control. With London being England's economic and political hub, it would seem that northern cities are currently playing an endless game of 'catch up'. Avant Garde Ideals, a Manchester based sales and marketing firm believes that it's this focus on developing the south that is holding the UK back from international success. The firm believe that as a whole, the UK has a unique and diverse range of skills that vary from region to region; the firm believe that if these were allowed the opportunity to grow, they could dramatically improve the current state of the entire UK economy.

Avant Garde Ideals are convinced that to unlock the hidden potential of the UK's northern cities, the UK must decentralise and the government must expand their focus out of London and Westminster. The firm believe that the recent talks of creating a 'London of the North' between Manchester and Leeds could provide a promising solution and help to spread awareness of what the north can offer to the UK and worldwide.

With London currently being recognised as the business capital of the UK, the proposal is calling for a union of the six Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) of The Humber, Sheffield City Region, Leeds City Region, Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Warrington and Liverpool City Region to create what will be known as an economic 'super-region,' referred to as the Northern Gateway. Avant Garde Ideals are excited by the proposal which holds the potential to counterbalance the power of London and the southeast and open up new trading opportunities for northern businesses.

The Board of the Northern Gateway will be comprised of members from each of the six LEP's and will help shape the region's economic expansion, transport and infrastructure. The Northern Gateway will also put the north in more control of their government and EU funding, allowing the regions to procure funding for capital investments and to help develop new business projects in northern cities. This change is predicted to have a dramatic impact on the northern economy, increasing economic activity in the north and supporting the growth of businesses across the Northern Gateway.

Avant Garde Ideals is a direct event marketing firm who provide a range of innovative marketing solutions to a range of clients across the UK. Through face to face customer interactions, the firm help their clients to boost their brand awareness and improve customer relationships, resulting in increased customer acquisitions and retention. Avant Garde Ideals are excited by the proposed Northern Gateway, and believe that if implemented, many northern businesses will profit from the improved economy and widespread recognition.

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