Avant Garde Ideals: Shoppers New Found Enthusiasm For Sharing Information a Big Boost for Direct Marketing Industry

After a string of recent reports claiming consumers are growing tired of sharing information with businesses, a new study suggests otherwise. Direct marketing firm Avant Garde Ideals respond to the recent study and look at how the news could affect the marketing industry.

Direct marketing firms such as Avant Garde Ideals rely on customer information to personalise the customer experience and to improve products and services to a standard that customers enjoy and return to the brand for. This information allows for firms to delve deeper into what the customer wants and to truly make the consumer's experience easier and more personal.

A recent report by Webtrends claims that 58% of UK residents say they’re not concerned about the amount of data they share with brands. Those within the 18-24 age bracket are least concerned, with 68% believing the amount of personal information they share is either about right or they are simply not bothered about it. This number is closely followed by 64% of 25-34 year olds who feel the same. The study also showed that consumers aged 55+ are much more cautious and roughly half object to sharing data with brands completely. Avant Garde Ideals says that this may be because younger generations have grown up in a far more connected, data-centric world and often recognise the benefits of sharing personal information with their favourite brands. In addition to this, only 13% of those surveyed said they don’t like receiving personalised content from brands. Avant Garde Ideals feels that this is great news for the direct marketing industry who specialise in personalised campaigns.

Avant Garde Ideals is pleased that the younger generation are fuelling the change with their acceptance to sharing personal information and their understanding that it benefits them. The firm says that the personalised approach is also changing people’s views on sharing information as it is becoming clear that it is being used to help them. If firms have customer information they can use this information to make a service better, for example remembering customers’ preferences can make their experience quicker and more efficient.

Avant Garde Ideals says that the recent news from the survey will affect them and the entire direct marketing industry in a positive light. Increased customer information could lead to more sales and better customer relationships through the personalised service.

Avant Garde Ideals is an outsourced sales and direct marketing company that uses face-to-face marketing techniques in order to create an improved and personalised service for consumers, as well as improving their clients’ brand awareness, customer acquisition and brand loyalty. The firm ensures that all their customer data is kept secure and is only used to improve customer experiences. By using this data as well as face-to-face marketing Avant Garde Ideals are able to create a truly unique and personalised experience for consumers and this leads to long-lasting relationships with the brand. 

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