Atlas Outsourcing: Marketing has changed more in 5 years than the past 500

Start-up sales and marketing firm Atlas Outsourcing, outline how marketing can help sales take advantage of the new buying process demanded by customers

Marketers know their role has changed dramatically in recent years - once upon a time the sales person controlled the sales cycle, that isn't the case today. Because of online research, buyers can gather lots of information about potential purchases before they make their first sales contact. Marketing's role now is to educate buyers in this early sales cycle.

A common theme within marketing is understanding the customer, meeting the customer where he or she is, learning what the customer wants, presenting offers to the customer at the right time in the right place and on the right device, and maintaining state on your customer or prospect’s purchase readiness for weeks or months. In other words, mass personalisation.

Atlas Outsourcing outline how marketing can help sales take advantage of the new buying process.

• How to get sales and marketing to jointly identify those they're targeting - the sales force at Atlas Outsourcing use the most effective resources to target the right prospects who are likely to become returning customers. By having detailed information about the target audience, Atlas Outsourcing can deliver products to an audience with the highest level of precision.

• How to develop campaigns that's compelling to potential customers – Atlas Outsourcing deliver interactive displays, presentations and demonstrations straight to the consumer at private site venues, shopping centres and retail stores.

• How you track and monitor each campaign that engages prospects – Atlas Outsourcing have a number of efficient practices in place to create quality customer leads, encourage more enquires and secure long-term customers to a brand. By using customer data, the firm increase the level of customer loyalty with an efficient turnaround period.

Atlas Outsourcing believes that tailoring campaigns and personalising the marketing approach will ensure sales people don't miss the "hidden sales cycle". ‘Customers are becoming increasingly familiar with personalised marketing and they’re starting to demand it. The ability to personalise information, segment customers and understand user interest is improving rapidly’ said Managing Director of Atlas Outsourcing, Matthew Stewart. Along with the increase in cost effectiveness and customer value, Atlas Outsourcing believes that the aggressive pursuit of marketing personalisation is a must for every marketer.

Atlas Outsourcing is an ambitious outsourced sales and event marketing start-up firm in Reading, Berkshire. Atlas Outsourcing concentrate on delivering personalised face-to-face sales techniques via promotional event marketing campaigns. The more traditional forms of marketing such as television, radio, print, leaflets, mailers and the Internet can create brand awareness however, they don’t all guarantee results. The firm’s direct and personalised approach not only provides great customer service, but also new custom for clients.

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