Atlas Outsourcing Improve Focus on Acquiring Talent

The Reading-based sales and marketing firm consider the importance of ensuring talent is a constant within business, no matter what stage the business is at.

It’s obviously important for a new business to take on a wealth of eager and talented individuals. In this early and uncertain stage a business relies on this talent to grow and create its values and lay the foundations for its future. However there is a common misconception that once a business has gathered pace and is starting to see returns in revenue that the need for fresh talented minds isn’t such an urgent requirement. Once the business has established its place in the market many believe they can just sail through on its previous successes, however acquiring talent is something that should be constantly at the forefront of every business owners’mind.

Atlas Outsourcing believes that a business can’t survive on previous success alone, and that companies should be always on the lookout for innovation among its candidates. As a business grows, a larger workforce is required and by focusing on talent rather than manpower businesses can improve on their success by hiring individuals who make an big impact on the business, rather than hiding in the shadows.

As the business world changes, so does business education, making young graduates and entrepreneurs a valuable resource to any established business. Despite having a limited bank of workplace experience young graduates are excellent at looking at things from a different perspective, and their enthusiasm for new technologies and ideas can really add to the modern innovate culture businesses are eager to maintain.

In order to attract talent, businesses need to speak out for creative minds through the opportunities pages on their websites. Simply listing job descriptions are all very well and good, but almost anyone can follow a list of tasks. Talented people aren’t going to be inspired by the thought of being chained to a photocopier or desk all day.

Businesses need to market themselves as putting their work force first and give talent a reason to want to work there. Testimonies from current workers are a great way of giving a realistic insight into a company’s working environment, not just as a way of singing the business praises, but as a means of communicating with candidates that they will be working with like-minded individuals.

Gaining candidates through referrals is also an effective way of building a talented force. Current workers are only likely to recommend people who they think are talented enough to succeed. As people who do the job day in and day out, they are usually the best at assessing if a candidate has what it takes to excel in the business.

If a business is faced with a strong list of candidates, interviewing consistently is the best way to ensure only the most talented are successful. By giving all candidates the same interview experience, whether this is through asking the same questions or creating the same setting, this technique will allow talent to really stand out.

Atlas Outsourcing strongly support the idea of creating a talent led workplace, and that by attracting bright individuals, businesses are putting themselves in a strong position for maintaining success. 

Matthew Stewart, Managing Director of Atlas Outsourcing has stated: ‘We are focusing on developing a culture of innovation and enterprise. If we can attract ambitious, talented, motivated and visionary individuals then our growth and success will be unlimited.’ 

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