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In support of a recent study, Managing Director of direct marketing firm Apollo Enterprise Inc., Aysha Amjad has voiced her support for female entrepreneurship.

After the results of the 2013 Global entrepreneurship monitor US report cited that happiness among female entrepreneurs outweighed that of both their male counterparts and women in corporate roles, MD Aysha Amjad has urged more women to consider entrepreneurship.

The study established that happiness among female business owners is twice as high as men and those working in corporate positions, with female entrepreneurs enjoying a greater level of general wellbeing and improved quality of life.

Budding entrepreneurs should take note however that starting a business is still extremely difficult and the early years of a business’ development can increase stress levels. The report also showed that many younger entrepreneurs are happier than those working regular roles. The lowest level of happiness was identified in young business owners who start their business through necessity and not through a passion for their chosen field which highlights the importance of commitment and to the industry.

However despite the possible early stresses the study still stands by the fact that female entrepreneurs are the happiest, and that the early struggles of starting a business result in satisfaction in later life. To conclude, the study reports how many young business women were extremely happy with their accomplishments.

The study also suggests that money in many cases can buy happiness. With many entrepreneurs citing a healthy income as a strong factor in their happiness, a vast majority of entrepreneurs on a mid-level income were just as happy as corporate workers on higher salaries thanks to greater levels of job satisfaction.

With 1 in 10 women in the US now starting or running their own business, Aysha Amjad is eager to urge more women to follow suit. The myth that women must choose between a career and a family has long since been debunked as more and more women are fitting work around their home life. Entrepreneurship surprisingly, can provide women with the job flexibility they are after by providing opportunities to work from home and choose working hours to suit.

Many believe women make some of the best entrepreneurs, they often see things differently to their male competitors which gives them an edge in the market. They also often have the natural ability to build stronger connections both within their business sector and consumers which increases loyalty and trust among those they work with.

Apollo Enterprise Inc. is a young start-up company based in New Jersey, and despite their short operational time, it excels thanks to a wealth of experience in the field of direct marketing. Apollo Enterprise Inc. helps their clients to improve brand awareness and increase sales through vibrant direct marketing campaigns. They focus on bringing the product to the customers with their experienced, friendly sales force and work on a ‘pay on results’ basis. Being a young woman in business herself, encouraging other young women to consider entrepreneurship is a matter close to MD Aysha Amjad’s heart. Apollo Enterprise Inc. help nurture and develop entrepreneurship through their own business development program, and are hopeful that more women will take part in this program in the future. 

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