Ankorus, a groundbreaking new startup, will tokenise any exchange-traded financial asset. The innovation of the company’s Anchor Token system looks set to level numerous barriers to entry and democratise access to financial assets worldwide.

The company will accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies for payment, establishing a quick and easy channel to the traditional financial world. Customers can request a specific asset for tokenisation or simply purchase any asset-backed tokens already created by the company.

John Cruz, Co-Founder and CEO of Ankorus, explained: “Think of Ankorus like a blend of E-Trade and Coinbase.”


  • Cryptoholders can easily diversify portfolios with traditional assets.
  • Greater affordability – thanks to low commission fees and fractionalisation of high-priced assets.
  • Geographical barriers removed – so any region’s exchange-traded assets become available


Ankorus plans to setup its own registered broker-dealer and acquire a seat on a major exchange – setting the company on an altogether different level to other new entrants in the crypto space.

  • This will enable the securing of assets at lower prices for customers.
  • It will also bring a higher level of legitimacy and oversight to trading.
  • Once operating as a broker-dealer, Ankorus will be compliant with the FCA in the UK, where the company is registered, and also SIPC insured in the US.


In early 2018, Ankorus will make available its first tokenised assets. Unlike with other financial instruments, where a portfolio manager selects the assets, Ankorus customers can request exactly the asset they want. This will include stocks, bonds, futures, options, gold, silver, commodities, REITs, ETFs and sovereign debt.

The rights to the asset are then converted into a digital token – the Anchor Token – on the company’s own blockchain. The value of the newly created token is “anchored” to the exact value of the underlying asset.

The idea for the business was born from CEO Cruz’s three decade-spanning trading career – especially his last four years in cryptocurrencies. It is clear much improvement is needed in this new trading arena where many vendors and exchanges fall far short in terms of security and support.

“I’ve traded stocks, bonds, futures, options, metals, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies … trading electronically for most of that time [and] beta testing almost every platform. I cannot go through this rebirth all over again. So, I am creating this platform for me and to share with the world.” - CEO John Cruz.


Ankorus will issue its own tokens, ANKs, on the Ethereum blockchain, using an ERC20 smart contract. A total of 100 million ANKs will be created, with 50 million made available to the public, and a hard cap of 150,000 ETH. The contribution period begins on November 25 and will run for thirty days.

The ANK will perform several crucial functions within the Ankorus “ecosystem”. Customers wishing to use the Ankorus platform must possess a minimum of five ANK tokens. Possession of ANK tokens will also count towards favourable commissions when purchasing Anchor Tokens.


Ankorus will launch its own exchange platform in early 2019. This will create a secondary market for all Anchor Tokens. The platform is intended to create a much needed level playing field for all investors and to open wealth-creation opportunities to more individuals than ever before.

“Friction makes things slow and expensive, and I’m familiar with the friction points in trading. This blockchain revolution eliminates them. Trading therefore becomes easier. Ankorus is the logical next step.” – CEO John Cruz

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