American Television Star Jill Zarin has arrived in London and is sure to be a sensation. The fiery redhead best known for speaking her mind on the television series 'The Real Housewives of New York' City talks about her possible move to London, reality television and the debut of her shape wear brand on QVC.

Zarin will appear on QVC Monday, April 8, 2013 at 11am and 8pm to present her popular brand of shape wear 'Skweez Couture' for the first time in London. Zarin says that 'Skweez Couture' is a solution for all women, “Skweez Couture smooth’s and contours every shape and size,” she said, “Everyone from Victoria Beckham all the way up to 'TOWIE' Star Gemma Collins can benefit from Skweez Couture.” Zarin added that Shapely women like Collins are huge fans of 'Skweez Couture', “Full-figured women love my shape wear” she said, “In fact, I just tweeted Gemma because I am sending her the collection.”

Speaking of 'TOWIE', Zarin shared some candid thoughts about reality television in the U.K., “I love the reality shows here and the 'TOWIE' girls are fun but they apparently didn't receive the 'less is more' memo," joked Zarin, "TOWIE is a big show with big hair, big lips, bright make-up and barrels of Botox but they are beautiful,” she said, “It is extraordinary that 'TOWIE' won a 'BAFTA'; I can guarantee that 'The Real Housewives' will never win an 'Oscar',” joked Zarin, “Housewives started out as a reality show but now it's just a soap opera with really bad acting." Zarin said that she also watches 'Made in Chelsea', "The Made in Chelsea people are living the life!” Zarin noted that she is meeting with the producers of a new television series that will film in London and if it works out she will be relocating here in late fall.

Zarin summed it all up with some words of wisdom, "Reality Stars need to take advantage of the platform and create a business to promote otherwise they won’t have a source of income when the curtains close” she said. Zarin says that despite being absent from television for over a year her brands continue to thrive, “Skweez Couture and 'Jill Zarin Jewelry' have grown into International brands and my television series served as the perfect launch pad." Zarin said that time is of the essence, "The bottom line is that the producers could fire you tomorrow so you better start building your brand now before your 15 minutes are up!" In the meantime Zarin cautions that reality stars need to remain true to who they are. “Reality Stars need to have a sense of humor and have fun while it lasts," says Zarin, “You will never be Kate Winslet or Keira Knightly so don't develop an ego because nobody likes to work with a diva."

Jill Zarin has arrived and is determined to make her mark. It was once said that if you aren’t making headlines, you don’t exist, and Zarin is clearly the Queen of making headlines. Mr. Demille, Jill Zarin is now ready for her close-up!

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