Alpha Innova Praises Coca-Cola For Their Quality Over Quantity Advertising Focus

After confirming that they are in the process of transforming their marketing in order to improve customer relations, Coca-Cola have been praised for their commitment to quality over quantity. Alpha Innova have reviewed their practices and shared how more brands could benefit from this approach.

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In an article published by Marketing Week on 9th February 2016 (Coca-Cola sales fizz as brand focuses on quality rather than quantity of its marketing) CEO of Coca-Cola Muhtar Kent confirmed that the past few months have been full of change for the global brand. However, the organisation is still in a state of transition, focusing on building a stronger brand and enhancing customer relationships.

The first stage of this transformation took place last year, when the firm's marketing executives took the decision to streamline their advertising in an attempt to stop customer confusion relating to the brands' various products lines. It was also an opportunity to bring unity to the brand's central message, and as a result this move turned out to be a big hit with consumers.

After streamlining their marketing approaches in this way, it was important for the brand to review and improve the quality of their marketing. Speaking to Marketing Week, Muhtar Kent spoke about how pleased he was with the outcome of the streamlined 'Taste the Feeling' Campaign. He stated that the campaign allowed the brand to reconnect with their roots and deliver a more personal and relatable message to consumers across the globe.

Alpha Innova, Liverpool-based sales and marketing specialists have been impressed by the brand's turn around and are voicing their support of the quality over quantity mentality in marketing. The firm are eager to point out that consumers are subjected to a constant stream of marketing material, and have become incredibly well versed in blocking it out. The only way for brands to convince consumers their marketing is worth their time is to create something with meaning or that warrants some kind of emotional response. Only by releasing quality content will a brand really be able to build a larger audience and boost their sales.

The funny thing is that producing quality marketing content often means there is no need to also focus on quantity. Quality marketing is shared among consumers and is able to gain traction incredibly quickly, reaching a global audience in a relativity short period of time. “Think of when online content goes viral," stated a spokesperson for Alpha Innova. “That content goes viral because it draws out an emotional response of some kind which increases engagement, which is essentially what marketers want to achieve within their campaigns."

Within their own sales and marketing campaigns Alpha Innova focus heavily on delivering quality in order to influence quantity. Meeting with their clients' prospects face-to-face, the firm are able to tailor the service they deliver to meet the needs of each individual. This approach improves customer relationships for their clients by allowing customers to feel better respected and valued by the brand. This quality service leads to greater brand loyalty, a wider market reach and an increase in weekly sales.


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