Access your own personalised team of hand-picked mind-and-body specialists – without leaving home

Not everyone wants people to know that they’re undergoing therapeutic treatment, whether for sensitive issues like stress, relationship or work - or for something more ‘body-orientated’ like personal training. Other people may live too far from a locally-based service, while some may simply prefer the extra layer of personalisation and privacy that bringing the consultant into the home can offer.

Now, thanks to a new online health and wellbeing service called, anyone seeking a broad range of holistic mind-and-body therapies can access help, face to face with a specialist consultant via video link, without leaving the comfort of home. As a result anyone, from anywhere, even the most remote areas of the UK, can have access to a personalised programme of affordable, effective therapies without geographical limitations.

In line with modern thinking, the founders of Roots of Life recognise the vital link between mind and body. “We believe that it’s crucial to give attention to both and that you can’t focus on one without the other. This is why we offer a range of therapies and services that can be combined, if desired, to offer a complete holistic solution, whether it’s stress, sleep problems, relationship or work issues, or simply the desire to grow stronger, happier and more balanced. It’s also why we chose the roots analogy for our name and identity, because it’s the roots of the tree of life that enable an individual to grow strong and beautiful, inside-out. By offering each client an affordable, personalised solution, not only are we helping them to build a fuller, more balanced life, we’re enabling them to access this help from a hand-picked team of specialist consultants within the familiar environment of home.”

Also, to ensure the best client-consultant fit, Roots of Life offers a free ten-minute ‘meet the consultant’ service via video link. “If potential clients are happy, then they can go ahead and book a session, but there’s no obligation. It’s a great way for people to test the water to see if the Roots of Life approach is right for them.”

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