A Notable New Thriller Set in Dorset


Bournemouth, Dorset, UK – 11th April 2016 Christchurch and Bournemouth feature in a new mystery thriller, The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd, from Bournemouth novelist, Ian Kingsley. His website even includes walks and pictures relating to the settings used in the novel — so readers can walk in the footsteps of his protagonist.

Apart from creating a vivid sense of place, Kingsley believes strong characters are what makes a novel memorable, and he delivers those in spades. Few fictional characters are as strong as emotionally-scarred Jennifer Lloyd, a newbie television presenter — which may be because she came through to the author, fully-formed, right from the outset. Three years earlier, Digby Barrington-Smith's wife suspiciously drowned in the lake of his prestigious Dorset house and gardens attraction. Jen plans to unmask a murderer, on-camera, at the climax of her documentary about the gardens and their owner. But her surreptitious investigation soon reveals why the police closed the case. It's unclear whether there was one death or two — or even one murderer or two.

Book Viral summed the work up as 'a fine melding of mystery thriller and contemporary fiction,' in which 'the author's inspired touch allows for a timely infusion of humour' in an 'exceptionally entertaining' book. American Midwest Book Review describes the work as 'a powerful and compelling read that's hard to put down.' Readers will be mesmerised by the complexity of Jen's life, chuckle at her laconic humour, and become engrossed by the twists and turns of a plot that offers page-turning entertainment. 'Entertaining' is the word which keeps cropping up, so set aside some time to read this strangely addictive novel.

The paperback has just been published at £8.99. It is available from Amazon and will become an eBook by the summer. The author's website, iankingsley.com, provides more details and reviews. You can also join over 35,000 people who follow Kingsley's daily tweets on Twitter as: @authorkingsley.

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Contact information:

For more information about the book, see:iankingsley.com/books/jennifer-lloyd/. Media information located at iankingsley.com/media includes images of the book cover and author, an author interview about the book, and further articles available for reproduction. Online information is usually accompanied by hashtag: #jenlyd.

Non urgent queries and requests for pdf or paperback review copies should be emailed to: [email protected]. Urgent media queries can be made directly by phoning Ian Kingsley.

The author is pleased to respond to editorial email queries, accept emailed questions for short written Q&A interviews, and quickly check pre-publication editorial copy for errors if contacted via [email protected]. He is also available for bookshop signings, prioritised to the South of England.

The author is happy to take part in local radio interviews in the south, and suggested topics for conversation could include: the novel; how its protagonist came through fully-formed from the start rather than being created; creative writing topics such as achieving strong characterisation, devising a plot, suspending disbelief, and creating a vivid sense of place.

About the Author:

The author, a chartered engineer, has written numerous articles and several non-fiction books. He worked for many years as a documentation manager producing technical handbooks for the British army and navy. This is his third novel. Further information can be found at iankingsley.com.


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