‘A good presentation creates conversation,’ says Will Ross of Privilege Promotions

Privilege Promotions in Leicester discusses the importance of creating an effective presentation that creates a conversation with listeners and invites insight and discussion.

In a recent article on Business Harvard Review (Conversation, not a presentation 29th July by John Coleman), it was discussed how the way a presentation is delivered will have a major impact on how the following discussions and conversations surrounding the presentation content will go. Privilege Promotions have reviewed the article and have drawn their own conclusions as to the importance of creating and effective presentations that will create a conversation that invites a discussion.

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Firstly, Privilege Promotions state that the content of a presentation is just as important as how it is delivered. There are too many presenters that go for the mistake of 'the great unveil' which is when key findings are saved for the last moment and then revealed, expecting a satisfying moment of awe from the audience. This method of a last minute reveal means that the audience does not have time to fully understand the information and so are not fully prepared to participate in the discussion afterwards, creating anaemic conversations.

Privilege Promotions go on to state that presentations should assist problem solving by starting with a discussion. If the presentation begins with an executive summary that lists key conclusions, the audience can keep these conclusions in mind, testing them as they encounter the more in-depth information throughout the presentation.

Presentations should invite insight and discussion.The firm state that there are different ways that this can be accomplished. Either by sending the 'final' material in advance of any group discussion for people to pre-read and absorb, or by appointing someone to facilitate the conversation to draw out conversations and questions.

By appointing facilitators to draw out comments and questions from the whole group, one or two people will be responsible to how the project is discussed and they will be able to start up discussions and ask questions and assure that everyone's voice is heard.

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‘A good presentation creates conversation,’ says Will Ross of Privilege Promotions