5 Foods to improve men’s skin.

If you’re desperately trying to cling onto those new year’s resolutions gentlemen, but it seems to get harder and harder as each day passes, it may be time to just face it. Big time resolutions often result in big time failings, leaving you down and depressed around about late January. This, coupled with the harsh winter weather will no doubt be having an affect on your well-being, skin’s health and general confidence.

However, we are not here to provide you with some fad diet to help you turn the corner in your grooming and skin care routine. We’re not going to tell you for the umpteenth time that it is crucial you get 8 glasses of water down you. Instead, in MaleSkin’s latest men’s skincare guide, we will be showing you how you can introduce 5 common foods into your weekly diet, to seriously improve the conditioning and health of your skin. Allow MaleSkin’s assembled team of experts to point you in the right direction and pave the way to healthier looking skin, with just a few little ad on’s to your weekly shop going a hell of a long way.

In a bid to alleviate the five most common facial imperfections reported to us by men during 2013, we introduce you the power food that will give you more fight than ever in their ultimate removal. So, as time is oh so precious fellas, let’s get down to business!

Reduce Redness with Green Tea

Green tea is an absolute must have when you’re continually battling dry, irritated and red skin. You may find yourself continually scared of embarrassing flare ups, typically arising when you need them least. However, a simple green tea whilst your sifting through your mountain e-mail’s in the morning will make all the difference in calming redness and negotiating your way out of bathroom trouble. Most men choose specific types of anti-redness skin care products, which are perfect when coupled with a cup or two of green tea each day. During the aftermath of shaving and exercise, remove redness from your life for good. Green tea is crucially enriched with anti-oxidants, especially EGCG which is scientifically proven to alleviate redness.

Fight spots with Kidney Beans

Low Zinc levels and spots have been dermatologically proven to go hand in hand. Men who are continuously fighting eruptions on their face are considerably more likely to have low Zinc levels in their system. However gents, fear not. Introduce a three to four ounce portion of kidney beans into your weekly diet and you’ll nicely keep those zinc levels topped up. Perfect, if you’re planning a big Saturday night. Zinc and kidney beans are also renowned in the world of skin care for men for their healing properties and therefore create dramatic improvements in the condition of acne. For those lingering spots, most of us choose a concealer for men to also help in eliminating their appearance. These two products hand-in-hand will give you the ultimate bathroom boost needed for healthier looking skin.

Keep Fine Lines in Check with Peppers

Fight eye wrinkles with Yellow and Green peppers. For men who are continually fighting eye fatigue, there are also a great range of men’s skincare products out there. Eye creams, roll-on’s or even serums will help you fight wrinkles. However, don’t go to all that expense without adding a cup or two of peppers into the mix each day. Yellow and Green peppers significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines around men’s eyes and when coupled with such a skin care product, it really is win win when it’s time to roll back the years. Remember, all vegetables are great in giving you younger looking skin. So, don’t ignore the lady in your life when she reminds you about keeping up with your five-a-day.

De-stress with Yogurt

Firm, elastic and more toned skin is much more resilient against the up-rise of wrinkles. Many men heading towards the big 40 or beyond will no doubt be starting to face the fines of their younger and more exuberant youth. However, when it comes to rolling back the clock, this time, for general facial wrinkles, it’s good to have a good inbound of proteins into your body. More proteins create much firmer skin and for this, a pot of yogurt in the morning will hit the nail on the preverbal head. For an even smoother finish, choose a Greek style yogurt which contains as much as double the protein as a regular one. When it comes to skin care, an anti-wrinkle moisturiser does just the trick when you’re faced with the daily grooming conundrum of fine lines, stress and wrinkles.

Protect and moisturise with Pomegranates

Good protection and moisturisation at this time of year, more than most, is crucial fellas. Combine a luxury men’s moisturiser with pomegranate, or have them blended into a juice and drink twice daily for the very best results. Enriched with polyphenols, regulate your skin’s blood flow and protect it against the inbound of toxins, impurities and environmental debris which could leave you feeling the pinch of a harsh winter come spring. Such powerful anti oxidants built within, protect and smooth skin, helping you turn into a bathroom adonis, without your cover being blown.

So, my fellow gentleman. Another wise and helpful guide to beating off the effects of this cold weather. For guys, who can’t steal enough time away to catch some winter sun, resort to step two, by making a few simple changes to your weekly diet and trust me guys, if you do, your skin will certainly thank you for it!

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