10 Makeup For Men Tips For Headshots

Forking out hundreds and hundreds of pounds on your headshots if you’re serious about making it as an actor or male model, can be money very well spent gentlemen, especially when it’s done right. So, when it’s time to put the best face forward, the last thing you want is for your skin’s condition to be holding you back. Whether you’re a maturer man wanting to downsize fine lines or wrinkles, or a young up and comer, who wishes to get rid of the occasional pimple, makeup for men can be your perfect back up man.

Britain’s leading retailer MMUK MAN’s team of experts have run the rule over some key men’s makeup hints and tips when it comes to getting the most complimentary head shots, turning tales of grooming woe, into flawless, striking and masculine bibles of intrigue.

By planting just a handful of male makeup products into your pre-headshot grooming routine, spicing things up with some vital do’s and do not’s for the occasion and understanding the areas of your face which need the most attention, you can acquire a truly great look, without having to pay a fortune on makeup artists. If that wasn’t enough gents, when it’s time to look great for auditions and castings, take the holy grail of men’s makeup with you to stand out in all the right ways.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whilst men’s makeup application can be quite labour intensive, when finally mastered, you can truly reap the rewards for looking great on a budget. Therefore, we recommend practicing application two or three times in the day’s leading up to your photoshoot. this will give you a good gage of what looks good and what clearly doesn’t, as well as building up your confidence with new products.

The Camera Doesn’t Lie

It’s important that application is done under completely natural light for you to be able to gage it’s true subtlety. The camera doesn’t lie fellas and as your headshots create an artificial light environment, it is crucial for your skin and makeup to look natural - the best way to do this is by turning off the bathroom light and apply near a window.

Go Dark or Go Home

Always go slightly darker when choosing your makeup shade. Not only will adding a bit of colour in your foundation and bronzer create a healthier and bronzed look, your skin will look far more defined when it comes to lights, camera, action! Add more product to your forehead, cheekbones and the bridge of your nose to make your features really stand out without eyebrows being raised.

Raising Eyebrows

Speaking of eyebrows gents! Employing a good brow gel can be the single most valuable asset to mastering the perfect headshot! Controlling unruly and hard to maintain brows can be difficult at the best of times, but when it’s time to go in front of the camera, you don’t want them to take centre stage. An eyebrow glaze and the use of a men’s brow brush will do just the trick and will make them look simply elegant and groomed on film.

Avoid Tide Marks

Tide marks refer to the break between men’s face makeup products, such as foundation and bronzer and missing areas of application on the head, typically into the hair line and down the neck. As most headshots encompass a good hairstyle and men’s necks, be sure to not let you makeup look obvious by applying product beyond the neckline and onto the chest if you are wearing a V-neck t-shirt. Remember also to brush a bit of man-makeup onto the ears too, making them also look really natural.

Under Eye Concealer

Employing a good quality concealer for men can also be your single, most important step to cosmetic and headshot success. Under eye concealers target eye bags, dark circles and puffiness, all traits that are guaranteed to show their ugly side when you’re put in front of the camera. A simple dab using a pen highlighter or liquid concealer will brighten your eye contours and create a more flawless looking complexion. Don’t fear a male concealer and even target imperfections such as fatigue and fine lines.

Healthy Glowing Lips

It’s a fact! Dry, chapped and sore looking lips can be hugely detrimental when it comes to mastering the most eye catching headshot possible. Achieve healthy glowing lips with a lip balm for men to look simply stunning! For paler complexions, create some depth to your headshot by using a red cherry lip balm. For men with darker complexion, use simply a clear tinted lip balm.

Men’s Anti-Shine

The camera has an unfortunate tendency, gentlemen, to pick up even the slightest shine or glow on your face. This can be tackled with the use of an anti shine male moisturiser or skin primer. But, particularly good for men with oily or combination skin, deploy a translucent powder, sometimes called anti-shine to provide a matte finish to your skin.

Magical Cover Stick

Choose a men’s cover stick in a shade that is one or two tones darker than your skin colour. Particularly perfect at targeting facial blemishes, spots, scars and moles, if you’re not going for the rough and ready action man look, one of these versatile tools will allow attention to be drawn on all the right features. Do not let such facial imperfection take the limelight when you take centre stage!

Say no to Pale Skin

We all look better, healthier and revitalised with a bit of colour, traits that you inevitably want to convey in your headshot. Nothing beats that post holiday glow and when compared to mid-winter paleness, most of us guys know all too much about, there is simply only one winner. Cheat the system with a variety of colouring and energising male makeup products. Bronzing Powder, illumination lotion or even tinted moisturisers all do fantastic jobs at adding a glowing dimensions to your look, perfect for making a lasting impression.

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