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LONDON (GMT) 24/04/2014 - 17:35

Pressat is a cost effective way to distribute press releases, news stories and announcements.

Rapidly generate buzz and media exposure for your business, organisation or brand with no hidden costs, just one flat price!

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Per release
Distributed to thousands of UK media outlets
We treat each news story with the individual care and attention it needs, no piece of news is the same as the next. Our competitors tend to mailshot news to the same tired list of recipients which means one thing - the junk button.

We pitch your news to a highly targeted selection of journalists, editors, freelancers, bloggers and news desks across the below publications.

  • Regional, local and national newspapers
  • Online news sources
  • Blogs
  • TV & Radio stations
  • Trade journals
  • Consumer magazines, supplements, inserts
  • News agencies
Free branded newsroom
Basic release stats - see how many people received it and how many times its been viewed online.
Permanent hosting on
Social distribution: Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook
Indexed by major search engines: Google, Bing & Yahoo
Attach Images, Documents and Videos
2 x Website links
Enhance with SEO keywords
RSS feed Inclusion
Web/PDF and print viewing formats

This year we've secured coverage in major publications for our clients.

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