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England star Chris Waddle is backing new game created by a Sheffield Gaming Co for football fans, that will put British talent back in the top flight.

Waddle & Football Bingo inventors, Sheffield company VCL side step their way into the UK gaming market this weekend with a new match day betting... read more

Press Release • 07.02.2014 • By VCL

Healthxpress Tackle A Sensitive Issue With Press Mag Media

Online clinic HealthExpress is continuing its fruitful relationship with Media Agency Group , further increasing awareness of their brand and... read more

Press Release • 05.02.2014 • By Press Mag Media

A Guide to men’s eye care.

Eye bags, puffiness and fine lines sounding all too familiar gentlemen? Tired of being greeted with the same old fatigued and jaded eyes? If so,... read more

Press Release • 03.02.2014 • By MaleSkin Skincare and Grooming

MMUK MAN release Britain’s very first BB Cream For Men.

In the modern world of men, makeup and skin care, there are all kinds of new products being waved in front of the noses of the UK’s modern man. We... read more

Press Release • 22.01.2014 • By MMUK MAN

5 Foods to improve men’s skin.

If you’re desperately trying to cling onto those new year’s resolutions gentlemen, but it seems to get harder and harder as each day passes, it may... read more

Press Release • 21.01.2014 • By MaleSkin Skincare and Grooming

Dragons’ Den winner crying tears of joy

After an emotional pitch on the last television series of Dragons’ Den, Ross Mendham, Managing Director of Bare Naked Foods, has become a father... read more

Press Release • 15.01.2014 • By Emerald Frog Marketing Ltd

Serums and eye products boom on the men’s skincare market.

It’s been a long known fact that men’s skincare is very much on the rise. Browse the web or open your latest men’s magazine and you won’t have to... read more

Press Release • 13.01.2014 • By MaleSkin Skincare and Grooming

Indian gentlemen fuel demand for makeup for men.

It has long been known that the popularity of makeup for men is growing here in the UK. It doesn't take a gene and a lamp to tell you that men... read more

Press Release • 07.01.2014 • By MMUK MAN

Blend it Like Beckham! Men's skin care and makeup on the rise.

He’s an international heartthrob, one of the countries most adored treasures and by all accounts a pretty stand up guy and now it seems, whilst the... read more

Press Release • 01.01.2014 • By MaleSkin Skincare and Grooming

10 Makeup For Men Tips For Headshots

Forking out hundreds and hundreds of pounds on your headshots if you’re serious about making it as an actor or male model, can be money very well... read more

Press Release • 01.01.2014 • By MMUK MAN