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ANON By Alfresco Drinks

ANON is a unique new wine alternative designed to accompany food and unwind the drinker. Produced using a special blend of naturally fermented... read more

Press Release • 03.11.2013 • By Rocket Pop PR

Chapati & Karak Serves London

London Taxi Advertising is bringing a taste of the Middle East to the city, as authentic Qatari café Chapati & Karak showcases the opening of a... read more

Press Release • 01.11.2013 • By London Taxi Advertising

International Chocolate Awards Announce 2013 World Winners

Chocolatiers and chocolate makers from eleven different countries - Ecuador, Canada US, France, Denmark, UK, Venezuela, Japan, Germany, Italy and... read more

Press Release • 28.10.2013 • By Chocolate Week

Bradford Receive The Trophy For Third Year Running

The team from Bradford travelled to London yesterday to accept the Curry Capital of Britain 2013 trophy from Shane Lake of sponsors... read more

Press Release • 28.10.2013 • By Peter Grove

Sales of British Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Set to Soar

Healthy British Rapeseed Oil Set To Replace Olive Oil In Consumer Shopping Baskets Sales of British cold pressed rapeseed oil are set to soar as... read more

Press Release • 30.10.2013 • By Admiral PR

Cabana brings Brasil to Wembley with Out of Home International

Out of Home International has been appointed to magnify the launch of Brasilian barbeque restaurant Cabana, which opened a branch at the brand... read more

Press Release • 31.10.2013 • By Out of Home International

Shaken Udder Encourages Fans to Get Creative

Churn into ice-cream, freeze into lollies or blend with ice and fresh fruit to make a delicious smoothie - Shaken Udder is encouraging its young... read more

Press Release • 30.10.2013 • By Rocket Pop PR

Tate Britain - Whistler Restaurant Opening & New Head Chef

Tate Britain reveals new Head Chef at The Whistler Restaurant Tate Britain has revealed its new head chef who will open the famous Whistler... read more

Press Release • 29.10.2013 • By Rocket Pop PR

Michel-INN Pop-Up Restaurant Sells Out In 4 Hours!

A Special Pop-Up Restaurant event that was promoted by new Gourmet-Venture partners BITE Food Festivals and Gourmet-Life – Lifestyle Dining Club,... read more

Press Release • 28.10.2013 • By Rocket Pop PR

Fast Food Doesn't Have To Mean Fat Food!

From burgers and pizzas to chips and Chinese, saving time on the evening meal by opting for a fast fix more often than not leads to a widening of... read more

Press Release • 24.10.2013 • By Rocket Pop PR