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Food for Thought: Horse Meat - Delicacy or No No?

Foodie start up PretAChef is offering London food lovers the opportunity to get together and decide for themselves on the horse meat scandal.... read more

Press Release • 14.03.2013 • By PretAChef

Invest In British This Spring with Forman and Field

Having wiped out your cupboard of all pancake ingredients, including that Golden Syrup that’s been sitting at the back so long it’s stuck to the... read more

Press Release • 01.03.2013 • By Forman and Field

Best and worst supermarkets revealed by Which?

The annual Which? supermarket survey reveals Waitrose comes out on top, with Tesco at the bottom of the table. In a Which? survey, Waitrose was... read more

Press Release • 20.02.2013 • By Falcon PR

Food Standards Agency issues advice to public institutions on meat products after horse meat scandal

The Food Standards Agency is issuing interim advice to public institutions, such as schools and hospitals, caterers, and consumers purchasing from... read more

Press Release • 11.02.2013 • By Falcon PR

Great Winter Cocktails to Serve in Highball Glasses

There is nothing quite like a long cocktail drink encased in a suitable highball glass. Cocktails are normally associated with holidays, sun, the... read more

Press Release • 19.01.2012 • By Dartington Crystal

The Akabusi Company--FLAVIA Vending Machines from KAFEVEND

A big character both on and off the track, Kriss had a successful TV career following his retirement from athletics and now uses his extensive... read more

Press Release • 23.02.2012 • By Site Visibility

New water quality test kits launched

Simplex Health has introduced two simple, cost-effective kits that will quickly determine the quality of either tap water or private water... read more

Press Release • 14.03.2012 • By Simplex Health

Underscore launches Beavertown Brewery online and in store

Beavertown Brewery launches online and in-Que London branding agency Underscore are delighted to be working with London microbrewers... read more

Press Release • 19.04.2012 • By Underscore

Carbonostics Democratizing Product Lifecycle Assessment for Food Sector, Reports Independent Sustainability Analyst Firm

Carbonostics is contributing to the growth of the product LCA market in Europe, which independent analyst firm reports will more than double in... read more

Press Release • 21.04.2012 • By Lori Gustavus

Bluehorse launches seamlessly integrated Carbonostics carbon accounting and product lifecycle assessment platform for the food and drink industry

The new Carbonostics responds to the growing needs of food and drink companies for reliable and affordable sustainability metrics to measure and... read more

Press Release • 16.05.2012 • By Bluehorse Associates