Here are the professions that glug the most coffee. Journalists are officially the biggest addicts.

Teachers drink more coffee than plumbers, and journalists gulp the most of all.   A fresh cup of aromatic coffee in the morning is how millions of us start our working day. If you can’t get in gear without one, you’re not alone. Out of the 10,000 professionals who were included in a survey conducted […]

Reliving 16 Great PR Stunts From Richard Branson

The founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, is not shy in displaying his creativity, and he’s even been nicknamed the ‘undisputed king’ of PR stunts. Here are sixteen of his popular stunts, with a snapshot description of each. Introduces ‘Richard’ ice cubes on Virgin flights Imagine a picture of Sir Richard on an ice cube. To […]

Doctor PR?

Rough black and white footage from the highly anticipated forthcoming Doctor Who series has leaked across the internet, offering a sneak preview into the new series.             The new series, starring Peter Capaldi, is not set to air for another six weeks on British television, but rumours are spreading on […]

Tactics to Make Your Next Public Relations Campaign a Success

The success of any PR campaign is based on multiple and complex factors. It’s hard to put your finger on what really works. It might be who you know, the timing, or just plain old luck. Even the most experienced agencies, armed with a war chest of contacts, don’t succeed every time. Many small businesses […]

Pressat: What’s New

Simplified submission process New responsive design Increased financial distribution network Pricing model change Stripe payment implementation UK & EU Regulatory disclosure service UK & EU Photo distribution Pressat media database We have recently made some exciting changes at Pressat to help our clients get the best from our distribution services. The Pressat website is now […]

Richard Branzilla PR Stunt

Bournemouth beach-goers were given quite the fright this week and it wasn’t Richard Branson dressed as a female flight attendant sunbathing, but an 8ft sea-monster rising out of the choppy waters sporting the billionaire’s trademark blonde barnet. Bournemouth residents should rest assured that the giant beast was merely promoting Virgin Media’s new Big Kahuna bundle […]

Important announcement regarding the PRfastmedia Invoice Scam (formerly Silence Media Network)

It has been brought to our attention that the newswire and public relations industry as a whole is currently being targeted by a corporate identity crime gang calling themselves “PRfastmedia”. We were originally made aware of this corporate identity scam in June 2013. The scammers at the time referred to themselves as “Silence Media Network” […]

PR Industry Down 12% – The Aftermath of the Link Scheme Update

Google sent a shockwave through the PR industry last month with a link scheme update that enforced new guidelines within press releases. The update was quietly introduced on the 25th of July however key industry bloggers did not pickup up on the changes until a few days later. With that in mind we decided to compare […]

Newswires – all shook up

Where to start? So Google has recently updated it’s Webmaster link scheme documentation. This has provided a deeper insight into how links placed within press releases can effect your website. In response to this, a ZDnet news editor posed the question: Did Google just kill PR agencies? In response to this news, we thought it […]

James Blunt – When PR is so bad, its good

Thousands of angry web users have taken to Twitter after receiving unsolicited email from James Blunt, plugging his new single ‘Bonfire Heart’. The news quickly reached mainstream press attracting a wave of negative publicity due to the naughtiness of Atlantic Records (parent firm of Warner Music Group) when marketing the single. Mass mailing over 1 […]